About us

Our team is a circle of people who loves Georgia. We are all different, some of us were born in Tbilisi, some in Abkhazia, and some in Russia. But we all have one love, love for the ancient kingdom – Sakartvelo. Also we’ve have respect for the traditions of the Georgian people, goes deeply into the centuries. For us, the Georgian feast is not just great wine and unique, traditional cuisine. For us, this is a special ritual where we raise our glasses for the beloved and blessed land, for God, who gave us the most beautiful place in the World and we drink for the love that unites us all.
We want to take you to our feast, to raise our glasses together. We want to open the heart of Georgia to you, tell you about ancient temples, show amazing canyons and caves. We want to take you to the old streets of Tbilisi and lift to the beautiful mountains of Pshav-Khevsureti, Tusheti, Racha, Svaneti, Ajara and Samegrelo. Read about some of our tours; a five-day tour across Georgiamake your own wine, Georgia-style or maybe this 16-day trip that covers all of Georgia!

Our team will make every effort to make your holiday in Georgia unforgettable!

You’re very welcome!