Georgian cheese

A Georgian joke says: “If you have no cheese, you are dead”.

For many tourists, Georgia is a country of winemaking, but few know that the tradition of making different kinds of cheese in this country is centuries old.
The history of cheese production of cheeses in other parts of the world totals four thousand years, and in Georgia, the ware for storing cheese, which is 8 thousand years old, is preserved, which means that Georgians are almost cheese-breakers.
The most popular in Georgia and abroad are suluguni and Imereti cheese. They are produced both in factories and at home.

Imeretian Cheese
Imeretian cheese
Imeretian cheese is made from cow’s milk by the action of rennet and heat treatment. Do it, mainly in Western Georgia, in Imereti, although this technology is used throughout the country.

Suluguni Cheese
Suluguni Cheese
Suluguni cheese, one might say, is the most favorite cheese for Georgians. His homeland is Samegrelo (Western Georgia). This brine cheese, which is prepared by the temperature treatment of fresh Imeretin cheese, is kneaded as a dough, which gives it a stratification and an unusual taste.

Сhogi Cheese
Сhogi Cheese
Сhogi is Tushino cheese, which is usually cooked in July and August from fatty sheep’s milk. Among the local population, it is very popular.

Tenila Cheese
Tenila Cheese
Tenila cheese — one of the most tasty Georgian cheeses, is produced in Samtskhe-Javakheti. This grade is even entered in the list of non-material cultural heritage of UNESCO. At a tenila the most difficult manufacturing techniques, he very fat and by sight reminds long thin threads.

Kalti Cheese
Kalti Cheese
Kalti cheese is very widespread in the mountain area. Dried heads of this cheese are carried with themselves by shepherds, it not only well satisfies hunger, but also is a remarkable anti-septic tank. It is produced from curd – strain, and it reminds parmesan.

Do to Cobi Cheese
Do to Cobi cheese
Do to Cobi of the removed or partially removed cow’s milk to which add milk sheep. It is very tasty cheese which perfectly approaches the Kakhetian tonis to Pura (the Kakhetian bread).

Georgian Guda  cheese
Guda Cheese
Guda cheese is a specific Georgian cheese. Its homeland of Tusheti. Prepares from sheep milk, in a special sheep wineskin in which 20 days are matured that gives to cheese very peculiar aroma.

Nadugi Cheese
Nadugi Cheese
Nadugi cheese a gentle Georgian cream cheese, the Caucasian analog of the Italian ricotta. As a rule it is mixed with fresh mint and wrap lumps of the turned-out weight in leaf suluguni in the form of a horn, a sack, an envelope.

Svan cheese — narchvy — soft cheese
Svan cheese
.Svan cheese A narchvy soft cheese. cheese to-mkhali which is done in Kvemo Kartli of a yogurt is similar to it. These cheeses smear on bread as oil, use for soups, adding onions, cook very tasty sauce. On a photo it is used as decoration of circles of the Imereti cheese.

Dambal Hacho Cottage Cheese from Georgia
Dambal Hacho
Dambal Hacho The most expensive Georgian cheese is cottage cheese Dambal Hacho. Balls of cottage cheese dry up, slightly smoke and then store in clay pots where they become covered by a mold crust. Cottage cheese is salted, rolled in Koloboks, turned in a cloth, and suspended in a flue for a week, in a week removed, dried up in the sun and put in special clay or wooden ware which is stored in the dark cool place, for a month. Ready eat as cheese (much, by the way, don’t eat, very nourishing) or cook in melted butter, such pshavsky fondue, extremely tasty and immensely nourishing turns out. Wash down with fruit vodka of a zhipitaura nourishing turns out.

Do in Georgi
Do in Georgi
Do in Georgia and author’s cheeses. They are matured, including, in wine honey, add some spice, herbs, nuts, sprinkled with ashes, cocoa, herbs, pepper

16 types of author's cheesesNear Samtskhe-Javakheti, there is a convent in which make more than 16 types of author’s cheeses. The most useful cheese – goat. The culture of its production in Georgia was lost. Chikvaidze-Mikadze intends to revive also this method and to start up a product in realization.

Cheese Market in Georgia
A market stand with Georgian cheeses