Shato – Mukhrani

Shato Mukhrani

The construction of Shato-Mukhrani, Chateau Mukhrani, was founded in 1873 and took 12 years to complete. Gardens sourrounding the castle were designed by a gardener from Versailles.
Ivan Konstantinovich Bagration-Mukhransky aimed to build a real palace, it was the best-known and very first estate of this kind in Georgia. The castle is famous for having the fist European parquet in Georgia, with gilded furniture such as a grand piano and rococo-influenced design from Italy.

The wine-company under the name “Shato-Mukhrani” was founded in 2006. Having received the first harvest of grapes in a year, businessmen were engaged to repair the estate, and to construct a modern winery with European technology. In 2011 the estate was repaired and brought to a graceful state which now is present.
From the wine cellars located under the estate, it is possible to get on to the underground tunnel on the winery territory.
During the excursion it is possible to examine all of the park, even vineyards and the stable where 8 horses (and more one contain – being under patronage of the Patriarch which is called Tetri). You can communicate with the horses, stroke them closely and even to try to sit in a saddle and to take couple of detours in the open-air cage.