The Dadiani Palace

The Dadiani PalaceThe graceful patrimonial palace of the Mingrelian princes of Dadiani shows the original decoration of the city Zugdidi, demonstrating its former value.
This town was once the capital of the Mingrelian principality. The signs of its ancient status today is not fully restored, but fairly.
The surname of Dadiani is the ancient aristocratic family known for relationship with Napoleon Bonaparte! One of Dadiani’s princesses was married to Napoleon Askilom Myuratom’s nephew.
Memorial relics of the Dadiani dynasty and objects connected to Napoleon Bonaparte was brought to the palace by the husband of David Dadianis daughter, such as several personal belongings and pieces of furniture of the emperor and one of three of his posthumous masks (two others are in France and England). All this was stored in the family museum of the Dadiani Palace earlier. There is even more significant relics here — such as Virgin Mary’s shroud. According to the legend, the shroud from Byzantium to the Western Georgia was brought by ancestors of princes of Dadiani in the 15th century. The shroud can be seen only on great church holidays.
The estate of the princes of Dadiani is also known for the it’s garden for which the creation the ruler of Mingrelia princess Dadiani (urozhenny Chavchavadze, the sister Nino Chavchavadze, Alexander Griboyedov’s widows) in the middle of the 19th century invited eminent European gardeners and planted out rare plant varieties from Europe.
Today the garden Dadiani is the Zugdidi botanical garden. Its total area is 26,4 hectares. Some trees in the garden are about 300 years old and are single copies on the Euroasian continent.